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Activities and tourism in Haut-Doubs, Franche-Comté

Nature and beauty spots in Haut-Doubs

The Jump of the Doubs and the barrier of Chatelôtcan be accessible on foot since La Chabraque, by boats since Villers-le-Lac either by carriages pulled by the proud Comtois horses since Villers-le-Lac.

Saut du Doubs

The jump of the Doubs

At the beginning of the period of big cold:

Until -30° in Mouthe.
In the course of days, the quantity of ice increases.

The height of the waterfall is 27 m.

Saut du Doubs en Hiver

A little more downstream to the fall, here is one of the biggest ice rinks of Europe. It extends over a length of several kilometers. Under the ice, river’sdepthcan reach 40 meters. 

In winter

In summer


Houses are of the French side. The small van is in Switzerland (on the ice)


Towards France :


The Circus of Consolation:natural reserve with the biggest Tyrolese of France, via-ferrata in the cliff and botanical circuits, sources and waterfalls, in a frame of water and greenery (fall of 47 m).

Echelles de “La mort” (“Death” ladders), smugglers' paths on the French-Swiss border up to fantastic points of view.

Sledge dogs: school of musher in Le Russey
Panoramic covered swimming pool in Les Fins (6 km)
Watchmaking's museum in Morteau and watch museum in Villers-le-Lac.
Comtoises farms museum in Grand-Combe-Chateleu, Fournets-Luisans and Nancray.
For more ballads go on the cancoillotte.net site

Le Bizot with its St-Georges church, which is one of the most beautiful churches of the Doubs. Raised in the debut of the XVIth, it kept its aspect of origin with its roof in lavas, and wore a bell tower in the XVIIIth. The village welcomes a secondhand trade every 3rd sunday of september.


Towards Switzerland:


La Chaux-de-Fonds and Le Locle are now part of worldwide heritage of THE UNESCO.
Col-des-Roches subterranean mills museumin Le Locle.
Neuchâtel’s  lake for bathing in summer (height 400m).
Brévine’s lake to skate in winter.
Valley of Brévine: Switzerland's coldest region (in France :Mouthe)
Hollow of the Van (height 1463m), nature reserve with circus, rock faces come down in 160m in the Hollow.
Hike in Chasseral (height 1607m): by a spectacular comb up to the highest summit of Swiss Jura.
Pass looking onto the Alps (height 1283m)
Path of statues (Sagne)
Watchmaking's museums in Le Locle and La Chaux-de-Fonds


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